Incredible images of ice bubbles, Abraham Lake, Canada – 28 Jan 2013

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Chip Phillips / Rex Features (2100912k) Ice bubbles in Abraham Lake, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Canada - famous for its unusual ice cover. Freeze Frame: Images of Frozen Bubbles Suspended Below Lake These stunning photographs show hundreds of frozen bubbles trapped below Abraham Lake in Canada. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains on the North Saskatchewan River, the rare phenomenon occurs each winter in the man-made lake. The simple nature of the ice bubbles composition makes the images even more remarkable and almost appears to look more like a painting than a photograph. But they are in fact taken by a 40-year-old American photographer, Chip Phillips, who has simply snapped the results by walking onto the frozen lake. Ice bubbles occur during the months of November and March when the lake is completely frozen over, the plants on the lake bed release methane gas, which freezes as it comes closer to the cold lake surface. The bubbles keep stacking up below the frozen lake once the weather gets colder and colder during the winter season. The result is these incredible ice bubbles which are frozen in place as long as the water remains solid. Abraham Lake has become a popular destination for photographers but Chip warned it isn't for the weak or the weary. The photographer from Spokane Washington said: "It's necessary to walk out on the ice to photograph the bubbles; the icy surface is around 22cm deep. "I usually use crampons to avoid slipping but on one of my first trips to the lake, a giant gust of wind came barrelling across the lake, picked me up and threw me back on the ice. "I had to carefully walk back to safety ducking along the way to avoid it from happening again. My forehead was bleeding a little, and I think I might have gotten a slight concussion so I am very careful now when I go out.... For more information visit

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